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    Roi Engel

    So… what am I offering you? 🙂 Bouncing the guests in an energetic chassidic dance with good sounds in an organ that sounds so good, and with singing with 3 voices (through an organ effects device). Nice music at reception and food (pleasant music and singing and / or an Read more [...]

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    In  Manginot you will find a professional and high quality ensemble of musicians, and we will do everything to make you happy and enjoy the most exciting day of your life! ⚜ The group of Manginot was founded several years ago by the director of the music schools “Melodies” and Read more [...]

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    Hakelim Band

    The Hakelim Band  theme is a band of events and performances in the field of Jewish and Hasidic music in Israel. The music of the bearers of the instruments is a unique combination of sharp and rhythmic Klezmer, contemporary Hassidic songs in surprising, refreshing and refreshing arrangements, and the band has Read more [...]

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    Tuxedos Band

    Tuxedos – Israeli Jewish Wedding and Events Band. At Tuxedos we aim to bring an international level to the world of weddings with an emphasis on professionalism, innovation and performance that will leave no one on the chair. The professional musicians team was carefully selected – each player with an Read more [...]

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    Armonya: Excited From the right To make you happy And fly with you to the Highest of highs is it possible? Our experience Combined with sound quality with professional musicians And energy that Brings  the magic For your event. We would be happy to meet And make you happy. Contact us in any way that suits you And we will Read more [...]

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    Hey you, yes you, the pair of pigeons sitting in front of the computer screen and searching Google “orchestra for the wedding” For a moment, look at your wedding and imagine your wedding. Do you want to have tears in the eyes of this aunt who always has something cynical Read more [...]

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    Kailim Shluvim

    The band Kailim Shluvim was founded in 2003, and was created out of love for music and joy Kibbutz Ein Tzurim from the village and the wheat, where every sound of a tractor was a reason for celebration. For us, every event is an experience in itself Therefore, we place Read more [...]

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    Shirut Halevyim

    Shirut Halevyim The Song of the Levites   Did you get engaged? Congratulations!!!  How was the offer? How much did the ring cost? Are the parents satisfied? Get rid of the matchmakers? Good!! That’s not what we’re here for …   What about music ?? Do not confuse you !! Read more [...]

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