Bat Mitzvah Guide

Bat Mitzvah Guide Preparing for Your Special Day Every bas yisroel’s 12th birthday is a special day. It marks the turning point in her life when she is considered an adult by Jewish law. She is now responsible to keep all the mitzvos — a huge responsibility...

Brit Mila Guide

Brit Milah  Simcha Guide Mazel tov! A baby boy is born and a whirlwind of activity, celebrations, and decision making begins that leads up to, and includes, the bris. Stress and time pressures aside, the mounting joy that accompanies the meaningful festivities and...

Bar Mitzvah Guide

Bar Mitzvah Guide Your son has been wrapping his arm in strap-like objects since he’s 9. He understands every black hat nuance known to mankind. And now finally the big day is approaching. Whether this is your first or fifth bar mitzvah, you’ve never made one for this...

Wedding Guide

Wedding Guide Mazel tov! You’re making a wedding and the countdown is on. Whether this is your first or fifteenth wedding, or you’re the mother of the bride or the bride herself, having a checklist of things to do simplifies everything and can assist you...

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